photo Maegan Dougherty

Vicki has been attending births since 1996, first as a doula and childbirth educator and since 2008 as a licensed midwife in NJ and 2010 in NY. She has been in private practice and partnerships with wonderful midwives and has mentored several students through the process of becoming a midwife in the apprenticeship model. Vicki believes birth is sacred, and that the sovereignty of the birthing person must be kept in mind throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Keeping reproductive justice at the forefront of the work midwives do is critical to reducing maternal and infant mortality in the U.S. Vicki believes that midwives have a responsibility to that work and are the answer to the maternal mortality crisis we are facing. She has had multiple leadership roles at both state and national levels and continues her volunteer work helping to move midwifery forward in both NJ and NY with the goal of recreating systems so that birthing people can have access to the equitable and culturally congruent care they deserve. Vicki is the mother to five amazing adult children and Grammy to four precious grandchildren.

The birth of a child is an amazing mixture of physical happenings, emotional ups and downs and spiritual and personal growth. It brings with it the realization that we are powerful and powerless at the same time; that we can be in control while surrendering; and that nothing else at that moment, hour, day or even days matters, only the intensity of the work we have to do to bring this precious life from us, to us. It is a true blessing and an honor to be present, and we feel privileged to be a part of the journey.