After the homebirth of my third child I had a life-changing experience with the healing power of herbs. A wise and experienced mother and friend came to my house with bags of loose tea. She brewed several different concoctions and within hours my intense after-pains were gone! I continued to drink the herbal preparations. My bleeding stopped weeks earlier than in my previous post-partum experiences and I healed more quickly. I also felt more balanced, calm and centered.

After those experiences I became inspired to learn about plant medicines. I read herbal preparation books and researched traditional herbs for pregnancy and post-partum. I soon created my own recipes for healing teas for these important times. I used them myself, shared them with friends and neighbors and later, with my doula clients. I created a website www.birthpartnerstea.com where I am able to sell my healing brews to a wider group of women. The tag line: “When a woman takes care of herself, everything else gets taken care of” is on every bag, reminding us all that an investment in self-care is a powerful act.

Vicki and I have experienced excellent results using these herbs and many others in Pregnancy, Birth, and Post-Partum. We continue to learn about and use herbs as a regular part of our practice because they are often extremely effective without negative side effects more commonly found in allopathic medicines. Feel free to visit the website and to ask us any questions you have about Birth Partners Tea, or about herbs for the childbearing year.
—Raizy Goldsmith