photo Alice Tracy

The birth of a child is not only a physical and emotional experience for the mother-to-be, but for the father/partner-to-be as well.  At home fathers/partners are offered the freedom to experience the birth in whatever way he/she feels most comfortable; from being in the other room, to helping to set up the birthing space, to being an emotional support for his/her partner, and possibly even “catching” their baby. The protective nature of the father/partner is respected at home birth and he/she doesn’t have to feel left out of the process or worried about whether his/her partner will be getting the support she needs.

The home birth midwife’s best advocates are oftentimes dads/partners who were reticent at first. We answer questions, allay concerns, and create a relationship of trust and mutual respect so that the partner can feel comfortable, safe, and excited about the upcoming birth and postpartum time.

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