PlacentaE-Encapsulation-Vicki-HedleyYears ago I was in Chinatown in NYC and found myself in an herbal preparation pharmacy. As a home birth midwife I was interested in anything that could help the new moms I was working with to have an easier time after birth, with less bleeding, quick healing and restoration of body, mind, and spirit. I asked the proprietor/pharmacist if he had anything that could help with this. His immediate response, in broken English, was “what about placenta?”

Since that time I have done lots of research and have been using placenta in my practice ever since. The benefits are clear. The placenta helps in postpartum recovery and well being by replenishing such vital nutrients as iron, protein, and the hormones necessary for lactation and general balance.

I offer placenta encapsulation services both to clients and to women outside of our midwifery practice. Please call or e-mail if interested.