I am a VBA2C mom so after 2 “unnecesareans” I had to interview many midwives before I found one that was confident as Vicki and her team and trusted in my preparation, willingness and ability of my body to give birth naturally. The birth of my son was very quick and by far the best experience of my life! My birthing team was the best. They made me feel safe but also very comfortable and undisturbed. I was in my hypnobirthing zone. I felt I did everything I wanted to do, had minimal interventions and did not even notice that they were there, checking everything that needed to be checked. The birth happened during a magical rainy night. My house was so peaceful and quiet that my dog and two toddler kids continued to sleep upstairs throughout the night.
My husband was quite skeptical about this homebirth/midwife idea at first but now he describes our son’s birth “as the way all births should be, a very simple, quiet and powerful experience in which the mom is allowed and supported to birth the baby”. My mom was there too and she was also super impressed with how professional the team was and what a great work they did. I should also mention that they took very good care of me during the visits before and after the birth and this made a big difference for me too and added the final bow this wonderful experience. I super recommend Vicki to anyone who wants to have a natural birth. ” — BM

“As part of post-partum care Vicki treated me with herbs by Birth Partners, such as Breastfeeding Boost, New Mama Healing, Sitz baths and more. I feel that the herbs were integral to my healing and postpartum recovery. Not to mention they are actually quite delicious!” — SL

“We can’t believe we already had our last appointment. We are going to miss you. It is too bad that you can’t go from being our midwives to being our pediatricians! Your knowledge, experience and wisdom provided what Peter and I wanted for this journey. Thank you, for your precious ways.” —  PR

“You have given me the most wonderful gift; the respect to give birth naturally. This will always be etched in my heart and soul. I have been feeling wonderful. I think that the oxytocin is on my body still. You are very precious as is the work you do and there are not enough words of thanks.” — JB

“I was finally having a homebirth. After 10 pregnancies, four beautiful children and much personal and spiritual transformation, my moment arrived. Vicki honored my process with respect, sensitivity and wisdom. She carefully balanced giving me space to labor and experience my own journey with her guided support, strong intuition and broad knowledge. Her magical midwifery hands supported and surrounded me as my beautiful baby boy entered the world. It was a blissful and peaceful moment.” — LM

“I really wanted to send you a nice hand written thank you note, but things being as they are I figured I’d better just write an email before the entire idea gets swept away in the tide of a life on the go with a newborn. I really can’t thank you enough for your generosity and help, at a very difficult moment in my family’s life. Many months ago when we were first making the decision to come back to the states Mo was adamant that we could not leave before the baby was born. I agreed that not having Leigh at the birth would be a big disappointment, but when she suggested that I would be able to work with the women I’d spent the previous six months hearing her talk about being amazing and awesome and loving, I knew everything would be okay. Since I first contacted you, you have been incredibly supportive and continued that feeling of assurance all the way through the birth and postpartum care. I see now that your calm and caring demeanor is bringing joy and true humanity to the pregnancies and births of all the women and babies you work with. The gift you are giving the world with Seventh Moon Homebirth is truly a gift that continues to give, as it sets mothers and babies on the path for happiness, wellness and love. So thank you from me, Ella, Ben, Mo, my Dad, and everyone whose lives you have and will continue to touch with the magic of midwifery.” — CF